from 125.00

Book a slot to showace your pieces on the Afro BBQ catwalk. From the most exclusive Afrocentric luxury pieces to urban steetwear, all are welcome on the catwalk.

There are two options available for the catwalk -

Option 1 at £125 gets you on the catwalk alone,

Option 2 at £150 gets you on the catwalk as well as an exhibiton stall.

Afro BBQ will provide you with the catwalk as well as the time slots for the fashion show. Models, make up and other auxilliary props neccessary for your show will not provided by us.

Your catwalk ticket grants access to the VIP lounge for two members of the brand.

Model Tickets

Discounted ticket optons can be provided for up to 10 models after your catwalk slot has been booked. Model tickets will grant single access to the Afro BBQ Buffet stand, and a host of other vendors and exhibitors.

Fashion show option:
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